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Watch Reviews

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We provide in-depth and unbiased reviews on a host of designer watches for both genders, from a wide range of manufacturers and many different styles. Each review includes photos, detailed information on the watch, it's specification, as well as real customer reviews. If you're looking to buy a new watch, then our extensive resources should help locate the perfect wrist watch for your wardrobe. We're just starting out, so please be patient, but over the coming weeks and months we aim to expand our website so it offers a comprehensive guide to both latest releases and old classics too.

Latest Wrist Watch Reviews

Michael Kors MK5491

Michael Kors MK5491 4.5 out of 5

Round in design, the ladies MK5491 from Michael Kors provides precise timing and reliability thanks to it's quartz system and stainless construction.
£259.00 £112.47
Michael Kors MK5412

Michael Kors MK5412 5 out of 5

The ladies Dylan MK5412 boasts a chronograph display, with a delightfully feminine rose gold uniform finish.
£295.00 £168.98
Michael Kors MK5774

Michael Kors MK5774 4.5 out of 5

From the Michael Kors Parker range is this chic rose gold and white chronograph ladies watch, set off by twin rows of sparkling stones surrounding the body of the MK5774
£250.00 £153.01

Why review watches?

We set this website up in order to provide as much information as we can on a very select group of watches. Whilst we understand that we will not necessarily be able to review every popular wristwatch available, we have instead focussed our attention on providing incredibly in-depth details on a small but ever growing number of watches - quality of review being preferred over quantity. Inevitably we may not have a review for your particular favourite watch, simply as there are thousands to choose from, but we will hopefully feature details on other similar watches which may capture your interest.

So what different kind of watches do you review?

The majority of watches that are featured on this website are sizable purchases, which are located in the £150 to £400 price bracket - the logic behind this policy is that reviews are less sought after for more affordable watches, simply as the investment and risk are lower. The market for larger watch purchases is inevitably smaller, and therefore would represent less interest to our readers; we felt that the stated price bracket would be the most effective to target. The majority of timepieces on this website are either analogue or chronograph, although we will eventually be looking to include digital models too.

Will you focus on both genders?

Yes, both men's and ladies watches will be featured on this website - we aim to appeal to both genders, and to exclude neither. Whilst we can't guarantee we'll feature an exact 50-50 split between the two, hopefully we'll offer a substantial selection for both genders, from practical day to day timepieces to watches more suitable for special occasions. Even if we don't feature the exact model you are considering buying, you should be able to find a watch by the same manufacturer to get an idea of the level of detail and reliability. At first we've focussed on a few models from Michael Kors, but will soon progress to cover other popular watches.

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